About Us

We are two joyful souls, in quest of life purpose.

The deep seated void drove us towards varied spiritual paths and modalities of energy healing and meditation. 

We started our spiritual journey with Usui Reiki initiation which transformed our lives.  Our experience with Reiki as a Master Healer/instructor led us to other healing techniques including Magnified healing, Karuna Reiki, Pranic Healing and HOLYFIRE USUI REIKI.

We are grateful to our instructor, Sangeeta and Vijay Raghavan and the Centre of Natural Healing, Mauritius for their guidance, especially teaching of the Law of Karma.

In 2007 GMCKS miraculously found us.  Yes, I said it right. GMCKS found us and we are profoundly grateful for that.  

Pranic Healing transformed our lives.

Spirituality is a way of life.  Definitely, it is ours.

After the  sweet encounter with pranic healing, we now bring to you a powerful, transformative yet gentle healing technique – the HOYFIRE® USUI REIKI.

Are you ready? Get in touch with us now.