About Us

We are two joyful souls who have been in the quest for a life purpose for years separately, and then again when we decided to live together.  The void within us drove us towards different modalities of energy healing and meditation.  In 2007 GMCKS miraculously found us.  Yes, I said it right. GMCKS found us and we are profoundly grateful for that.  We are also obliged to the Pranic Healing Foundation of Mauritius where we completed our AY Level 2 with Master Daniel Gorgonia and the two founders Vijay and Sangeeta Raghavan, who have been influential guides in the holistic approach to our spiritual growth with the teaching of the Law of Karma.

Prior to that, we had never heard or read about Pranic Healing.

The Basic Pranic Healing course was itself a miracle as we practiced to heal fever and scan for energy imbalances.  Advanced Pranic Healing was magical as we used the color prana therapy, with life-changing results. My first encounter was to use color therapy when accidentally my son got hurt near the temple area and there was no one to accompany me to the hospital.  I immediately looked for the protocol in my Advanced Pranic Healing book, which is written in such a user-friendly manner that within minutes the blood stopped and the cut was sealed.  Even today when I look at the non-existent scar on my son’s face, I feel all gratitude to Pranic Healing.  Pranic Healing has indeed been a transformative leap forward gift in my life.

GMCKS said Pranic Healing is a way of life.  Definitely, it is ours.

We now want to share with you how Pranic Healing has transformed our lives on all levels. It can change yours too!

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