About Us

We are Sanjai and Tara, two joyful souls, in quest of life purpose and passionate about energy therapy.

The deep seated void drove us towards varied spiritual paths and modalities of energy healing and meditation, such as Crystal Healing, Magnified Healing, Violet Flame, Usui Reiki, HolyFire Reiki which tap into divine energies from the Infinite Source and Pranic Healing using prana or life force and color to heal various ailments: physical, emotional and psychological. 

The basis of all is to CLEAN and remove the dis-ease energy then ENERGIZE to put in fresh prana.  Yes that simple…because we swim in an ocean of energies!

In 2007 Grand Master Choa Kok Sui Founder of Pranic Healing miraculously found us.  Yes, I said it right. GMCKS found us and we are profoundly grateful for that.  

Energy Healing transformed our modes of living in a holistic manner and we are here to share with you these simple, yet powerful ways which can bring more wellness and happiness in your life and those around you.

We are very enthusiastic to bring to you a powerful, transformative yet gentle, a NO-TOUCH healing modality.

Are you ready to take charge of you health? Get in touch with us now.