Tara and Sanjai are truly amazing healers!

Whether you know about Pranic Healing or not, if you are looking to add an energy component to your healing or wellness needs, you have come to the right place! Tara and Sanjai are amazingly gifted and compassionate healers. You are in good hands!

Nicole Fouche
Chapel Hill, NC, USA
May 5, 2018

Only miracles happen with Sanjai.

Sanjay, is truly God gifted with immense healing powers. I had severe back injury while doing dead lift at the gym, which wouldn’t go even after taking best of the treatment, from the best of the doctors.
Took 2 days of distant healing from Sanjay & Tara & I am back to my routine gymming.
Thanks a lot, Sanjaiji

Pune ( Maharashtra). India
May 15, 2018

Un petit miracle

Une thyroïde défaillante, malgré 8 ans de traitements en médecine traditionnelle, causant une fatigue constante, une perte d’entrain et de joie de vivre m’ont amenée à consulter Sanjai sans trop y croire, mais je n’avais rien à perdre. Je ne sais pas ce qu’il a fait puisque j’avais les yeux fermés, mais à un moment, j’ai nettement senti comme un redémarrage, un peu comme lorsqu’on repart l’ordinateur pour le débarrasser de ses blocages et lui redonner de la force. Je suis sortie de ma séance complètement regénérée et j’ai vécu ce changement comme un véritable petit miracle. Le plus beau est que ça dure et que cette énergie retrouvée ne m’a pas quittée. J’en suis extrêmement reconnaisssante à Sanjai que je n’hésiterai pas à consulter de nouveau. Grand merci de tout mon coeur.

Ottawa, ON, Canada
May 17, 2018

Great Healers!

I have known both Sanjai and Tara for few years. They are very loving, kind and wonderful healers. If you want to experience energy healing, here you are!!!

May 18, 2018


I asked Sanjai for several healings for my two sisters, my niece and myself. I have to say, his healing was very successful as the results were felt on the spot. I would definitetly recommend Sanjai if I ever needed him again. Thank you so much Sanjai.

Zainab Mirjan
May 21, 2018

Sanjai has the most calming energy!

My mother introduced me to Sanjai, and I took a couple of healing sessions with him. His healings really helped me feel more calm, de-stressed and energised! The results of the healings were very accurate and helpful.

Ritika Bhagya
Jakarta, Indonesia
May 24, 2018

Man with golden hands and golden heart

Atma namaste. During the last few months of my pregnancy I was suffering from multiple issues like sugar, thyroid, severe asthama, severe body pain , lung infection, chest infection, liver disorder, kidney disorder, stomach ulcer , low Blood pressure, alarming levels of heart beat , hyperemesis , labour pain from 6th month and excessive vomitting.
Due to all these issues I was constantly admitted in hospital and could not eat anything nutritious and was constantly sick. Thanks to his healing I survived those days and delivered a healthy baby in 7th month. The doctors had given up on me and even some of the healers who were healing me. Nothing seemed to work on me in those days. I am greatful to Master for sending Sanjay in my life to heal me at the right time. Sanjay is truly a man with golden healing hands and a golden heart. He didn’t even know me before this and yet he helped me and decided to give me healing sessions . May god shower abundant blessings on him.

Tabassum Dsouza
May 26, 2018


I am sending this note to send my heartfelt gratitude. Thanks for easing my pain and encouraging me when I was down. During my pregnancy I was suffering from high blood pressure on my 28th week I was hospitalised but no medication was working with me and had to do emergency ceasarian. Thanks to Sanjay that I survived on that day with the healing he did .I delivered my baby safe but baby was shifted in ICU due to low weight for nearly 45 days. With the healing of Sanjay, my baby is now by my side. You have done what the medicine alone would not have done. Continue to be a blessing to others through your healing.
Thank you Sanjay

Deena Rungapen
May 26 , 2018

Rungapen Deena
Riviere du Rempart, Mauritius
May 30, 2018

Sanjay is an excellent pranic

Sanjay is an excellent pranic healer, I have experienced nothing but the best healing from Sanjay ! I was suffering with back pain for three years and his magic healing brought me in to normal world ! Person who is in pain can only understand how it feels to be normal ! I wish Sanjay and Tara , the best in their profession and all the success ! I would recommend anyone to try out , it really , truly works beyond ur believe ! My best regards to both Sanjay and Tara

May 30, 2018

They say it is not

They say it is not mandetory to know someone personally but when asked for help,  entire universe aligns itself and sends u the helping hand….in my father’s situation, he was lucky to have GOLDEN HANDS coming for his rescue…faster recovery and less complications were the results of GOLDEN HANDS….I on behalf of my father , I say THANK YOU to those HANDS who passed on Healing energy during episodes of illness….with gratitude…with love…. ATMA NAMASTE!

Dr.Ketan A Shelar
June 20, 2018

Experience it.

I have frequently asked Mamou Sanjai and Mami Tara distance healing for my daughter. She got cured very quickly each time. I feel blessed to know such great healers and guides.

Varuna Bhurosy Mungra
June 20, 2018

Healing for sons fractured wrist

Sanjai the great man.  He gave some healing sessions to my son who suffered an injury on his wrist while playing basketball. Doctors thought he might need surgery.  However, due to the excellent healing sessions my son didn’t need surgery and the plaster too was out within a month.

He is really blessed and I am really blessed to have him in our life.

Thank you Master and thank you Sanjai and Tara for all your help.


Tabassum Dsouza
March 15, 2019

Chi Miigwetch

Respect and Honor for Master and the Teachings.
One does not meet people like Tara and Sanjay everyday. I consider myself Blessed to have been led to them. Sanjay not only healed me through Pranic Healing but also my 2 horses who were by modern standards at a”make comfortable” point.
Gratitude Sanjay and Tara for helping us. You are truly angels on earth.
Atma Namaste

Colleen Fleury
March 30, 2020

My family and I have witnessed a miracle

Sanjai and Tara are truly gifted energy healers. Late in October 2019, my dad was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his stomach that would cause internal bleeding which in turn would cause my dad to stay at the hospital to get blood transfusions in order to stay alive. The doctors had tried to stop the bleeding by blasting the tumor with radiation and giving my dad medication. It did not work and left my dad feeling really drained and unwell. In Mid November  Sanjai started to apply Pranic Healing to the bleeding tumor. Since then my dad had not had any internal bleeding. On February 25, 2020, under a doctor’s recommendation, my dad was scheduled for surgery in order to have his complete stomach removed as a safety procedure against the cancerous tumor. But while on the operations table in the morning of the surgery, the team of surgeons decided to not operate, the reason why still remains a mystery to us. But we suspect that the tumor got reduced to an insignificant size so they canceled the operation. Thank you, God, Grandmaster, and Sanjai. My dad still has his stomach and is well on his way to recovery. In addition, Sanjai also applied pranic healing on my dad’s surgery incision and according to the nurses and doctor the stitches and the incision healed at record speed and my dad feels virtually no pain on the incision since 3 weeks after the Surgery.

Elie Mugisha
March 30, 2020

Energy Healing for pain

I benefited from 3 days of healing during the pandemic from Sanjai and Tara because I was dealing with chronic pains as well as anxiety and they offered free healing distant sessions.

On the third day I felt it more than the previous days. I was also pretty much open or much more open than the previous days.

I definitely felt a warmth while I sat down in a quiet place to receive it. the pain I was feeling inside my body also dissipated for the rest of the day. but most importantly I could feel that I was receiving healing especially because I was all smiling. Sometimes you can’t really explain it because there are no words but you can feel it and I could feel it and I felt different for the rest of the day.

So I wanted to say thank you very much for this beautiful healing opportunity.

Ottawa, Canada
July 4, 2020

Healing miracle with Energy

During the pandemic my husband and I received free healing sessions for Covid-19. It was really amazing, must say a miracle. Both Health wise and mental wise I am good now. These healing helped me really to stay calm and trust the process that I would be okay which really happened. It was like coming out of darkness.
A big thank you whole-heartedly for this beautiful journey.

November 9, 2020


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