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We have an energy body or bio-plasmic body similar to the physical body.  Pranic Healing and HolyFire Usui Reiki therapy heal the energy body to restore the energy balance and the harmony of the body

Your energy body is the blueprint of the physical body.  When we  work on your energy body, it can heal diseases and discomforts.  Before getting sick, there is a deviation in your energy body.   Have you ever had the sensation of weakness, tiredness and uneasiness before catching a cold?    This is an energy imbalance.

Pranic Healing and HolyFire Usui Reiki heal the energy body and restore the balance, leading to rapid healing of your physical body.

One the most common psychological ailment is stress at work or at home.

In Pranic Psychotherapy  and HolyFire Usui Reiki we use prana and divine energy to alleviate emotional and mental imbalances. When someone has negative emotions and thought forms, these emotions lodge in the aura and the chakras as negative elementals and entities. If untreated, these result in blockages and further limitations triggering more negativity.   Pranic psychotherapy and HolyFire Usui Reiki work on the chakras and aura to help release these unbeneficial energies and restore a harmonious body and mind.

Few of the ailments that can be effectively treated using Pranic Psychotherapy and HolyFire Usui Reiki are:

  • Stress, irritability, anxiety, regret, hysteria.
  • Post traumatic syndrome disorders
  • Fear, Phobias, traumas, obsessions and compulsions
  • Smoking, alcohol addiction, drug addiction
  • Aggressive, violent and paranoid behavior
  • Hyperactivity Disorder, such as thyroid imbalance
  • Mental retardation, autism
  • Alzheimer, Parkinson disease
  • Sexual impotence.