Man with golden hands and golden heart

Atma namaste. During the last few months of my pregnancy I was suffering from multiple issues like sugar, thyroid, severe asthama, severe body pain , lung infection, chest infection, liver disorder, kidney disorder, stomach ulcer , low Blood pressure, alarming levels of heart beat , hyperemesis , labour pain from 6th month and excessive vomitting.
Due to all these issues I was constantly admitted in hospital and could not eat anything nutritious and was constantly sick. Thanks to his healing I survived those days and delivered a healthy baby in 7th month. The doctors had given up on me and even some of the healers who were healing me. Nothing seemed to work on me in those days. I am greatful to Master for sending Sanjay in my life to heal me at the right time. Sanjay is truly a man with golden healing hands and a golden heart. He didn’t even know me before this and yet he helped me and decided to give me healing sessions . May god shower abundant blessings on him.