My family and I have witnessed a miracle

Sanjai and Tara are truly gifted energy healers. Late in October 2019, my dad was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his stomach that would cause internal bleeding which in turn would cause my dad to stay at the hospital to get blood transfusions in order to stay alive. The doctors had tried to stop the bleeding by blasting the tumor with radiation and giving my dad medication. It did not work and left my dad feeling really drained and unwell. In Mid November  Sanjai started to apply Pranic Healing to the bleeding tumor. Since then my dad had not had any internal bleeding. On February 25, 2020, under a doctor’s recommendation, my dad was scheduled for surgery in order to have his complete stomach removed as a safety procedure against the cancerous tumor. But while on the operations table in the morning of the surgery, the team of surgeons decided to not operate, the reason why still remains a mystery to us. But we suspect that the tumor got reduced to an insignificant size so they canceled the operation. Thank you, God, Grandmaster, and Sanjai. My dad still has his stomach and is well on his way to recovery. In addition, Sanjai also applied pranic healing on my dad’s surgery incision and according to the nurses and doctor the stitches and the incision healed at record speed and my dad feels virtually no pain on the incision since 3 weeks after the Surgery.