My herniated disc was “miraculously” healed

Two weeks ago, I badly injured my back picking up a heavy bag. I was praying that it was just a muscle injury, because I am a survivor of disc fusion surgery after 10 prior years of L4-L5 disc herniation/repair sagas. I rested all weekend but by Monday, I was unable to move with 10/10 pain. My doctor prescribed prednisone and muscle relaxants (via zoom and which a friend picked up for me) and told me I had to go to the emergency room if I didn’t improve. I took the meds (I was given just 1 week supply) and took the week off, and by the end of the week (and now out of meds), I was able to get about with constant pain 4/10 that would spike to 8/10, radiate to my knee + felt like a hot poker was being held against my perineum. Sadly, I knew the tell-tale symptoms of nerve pain, which meant another disc was most likely herniated and pushing against the nerve. I believed I was in for many months of slow physical therapy, to reshape and heal the disc. Luckily, my dear friend Sanjay offered me a healing, which felt very powerful and I went to bed early that night. The next day, I woke with absolutely NO pain. I was at first skeptical, thinking, “Ok, so the disc is off the nerve right now, but as soon as I start moving around its going to touch the nerve and I’ll feel it”. But no, I didn’t. So I tentatively went back to moving with less caution and stiffness. Still no pain! So a day later I tentatively went back to yoga, being very careful not to put much stress on my back (I wanted to firm up my core muscles to protect against further injury). Still no pain! So I kept going back to yoga….and today marks a week since I have been back at yoga and I am still in absolutely NO pain. I am able to do a full workout to the limits of what my body is capable, and move with freedom and no fear every moment of the day. To me, this is simply miraculous. I am so grateful – to Sanjay and all the “angels” who helped to heal me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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